Life holds uncertainty and breeds confusion. It is often difficult to navigate oneself through the murky waters, that seem to be a part of this life flow . Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy can provide clarity, understanding and an empowered sense of who you are. Through the increased ability to be aware of your internal experience, comes the ability to manage what comes your way and how best to care for yourself and loved ones. A deep sense of joy is attained as grief, loss and disillusionment are faced. This intimate journey with your self and with me holds the possibility of transformation in the most fundamental ways.
I practice Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Doctor of Psychoanalysis,
I combine my training to provide a rich, meaningful treatment experience. Psychoanalysis contributes to the layered understanding I have regarding life struggles and to the depth of healing that can be attained.
I find when there is a deep understanding around ones life story and how it impacts ones mind, there comes the capacity to face life transitions and move through challenges with greater ease. Psychoanalysis acknowledges early experience patterns and how they impact a person in the here and now.