We live in a culture in which we are inundated with data about all areas of study. The obvious advantage to having all this information at our finger tips is that we are all well informed. The disadvantage involves misconceptions, especially in the field of psychology and, in particular, in therapy. In fact, the therapeutic experience has been incredibly watered down by pop psychology. It is difficult for most people to truly understand how meaningful, how transformational and life giving it can be, to be engaged in an in-depth therapeutic process.

It isn't always whether or not someone needs therapy, rather it is that everyone can benefit from exploring their internal world; their feelings, the getting 'up close' to their perceptions, tracking and understanding their patterns of behavior with friends and in relationships, understanding their family role, making sense of the work they do, finding their passion and locating trouble areas.


Therapy is so often considered only for people in crisis or with extreme emotional difficulties. Instead, therapy is also a place of self discovery. To know yourself in a deep way dramatically changes your life. Knowing your self creates a capacity for thinking and problem solving on your behalf. It creates a consciousness that gets the wheels turning in a very intentional direction. The less we know about what's inside, the less we are in charge of how our life will unfold. We don't have control over everything that life will throw at us but we can know ourselves and navigate ourselves in a clear way. This breeds self confidence and a sense of mastery over life in general. Life does, in fact, happen to all of us; there are life transitions that requires us to change and adjust, lose our footing and regain it again. This is the rhythm we need to be well equipped to manage.

If there has been trauma, abuse or any other kind of upset during childhood, this will create trouble areas in your current life. These areas could be big, small, chronic or simply just annoying. The job we can't quit or the relationship we can't take to the next level, the way we pull out of things before completing them, the family conflict we can't resolve, the passion we struggle to locate or know, the drained and bored feelings we can't shake, sexual dysfunctions we don't understand. Then there's the question that is so difficult to answer... What do I really want and what do I want my life to feel like? Therapy is not only a place to understand yourself, the depression, the anxiety, but a place to know your self, all the parts of your self.

These parts of your self are the bedrock of your life story. Together, we can create a narrative and a deep understanding of why you feel the way you do inside and why your life looks the way it does. In that, we will discover what needs to be processed, understood or grieved in order for there to be some shift or movement inside. Within a safe place, this discovery of who you are unfolds and who you are really supposed to be is born.

When you can clear up the junk in your trunk, there lies the possibility that you can be free to be yourself. This puts you in the driver's seat, at the helm of your life, more control is attained, more understanding, more depth, more authentic experience and thus more joy!